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Samastah Yoga Studio

Sinnamon Park

Private Home Studio with Lisa Weller

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu - May all beings be happy & free

At Samastah Yoga, Lisa has created a cosy and inviting studio space to welcome intimate groups, cater to private bookings and host Yoga Therapy sessions.  Lisa currently runs a number of group classes - which anyone is welcome to attend at her studio space or out in the community.


To enquire about Yoga Therapy sessions, Private sessions or beginning a group, please chat to Lisa


About Lisa

Lisa’s yoga practice has always been a sacred place of ‘coming home to self’.  Over time as her practice developed and deepened, it has been her anchor, allowing her freedom to draw strength, internal awareness and most sacredly - grounding.    


From this space, Lisa offers the intention in her classes for students to feel nurtured and nourished, drawing in a sense of  inner calm with an explorative practice for students to be present ‘in their own body’. 


Lisa’s grounding in her hatha practice, form the essence of her teaching - as she holds space by honoring traditional yoga practices. Intentional awareness on deepening poses, aligning energy within to find a deeper spiritual connection. 

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Weaving into her teachings, Lisa heartfully shares knowledge gained from her further training in Yin (Chinese medicine & Myofascia release) and Restorative  yoga. Guiding students using postures as a meditative experience to find deep release, honoring skeletal variations and cultivating a sense of internal awareness.   


Lisa also passionately teaches Pre/Post natal.  In her teachings offering a space for women to evolve with their changing bodies, tapping into their feminine essence and supporting them physically and emotionally during their pregnancy journey. 


Lisa’s essence is in guiding students to move physically, emotionally and spiritually from a place of inner trust and self-awareness. 


Her heart sings when she has facilitated space for a student to find release, and surrender in a deeply held yin pose, a long embracing restorative posture, finding a meditative breath connection in a hatha practice or the stillness and space of a much yearned for savasana .

 my practice is my time to feel alive, loved

 and free. 

Samastah Yoga | Kenmore | Sinnamon Park | Brisbane | Lisa Weller
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