Hatha Yoga

Honoring traditional connections with ancient yoga practices - Hatha moves into the body - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, guiding you through a practice which builds resilience, focus, awareness and connection.

Yoga Classes & Styles

Yin Yoga

Slow and steady, with deep luscious holds.  Yin will take you on a deeper journey into the body. Supporting each student individually with the assistance of yoga props to enable the body to sink, deepen, release and challenge the body internally.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga, is a deep meditative experience that sinks into the energetic body, it draws in natural self healing and deep, deep restoration.  Supported by props, allowing the body to drop into complete state of release. 

Pre Natal Yoga

A Pre-Natal class with Lisa, is a space for pregnant women to evolve intuitively with their changing bodies, tap into their feminine essence, drawing on support to guide them both physically and emotionally during their pregnancy journey and into motherhood.

Mums and Bubs

Honoring the transition into motherhood is a sacred journey. Building community and support, allows women to step into this new sense of womanhood in a fearless and compassionate way - strengthening, releasing and supporting.   Bubs are welcome to crawling, complete freedom to soothe bub and cuddle bub as much as you need.

Kids Yoga

Playful and explorative, little yogi’s are intuitive and inquisitive in nature.  Come play and giggle - find space to be truly childlike and carefree whilst embracing the essence of yoga.

Seniors Classes

Embracing the mature body, drawing in strength and wisdom to enhance vitality and wellbeing.  A balance of surrender, acceptance and inner trust - guiding students in a way that honors their unfolding journey.

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